What You Can Expect From FH Group 

Our role is to bridge the gap between manufacturer's capabilities, and the vision of interior designers. Every project is a collaboration, and a small part of a bigger relationship. We are partners to the manufacturer as well as the customer, and are invested in the success of both. The manufacturers we partner with are industry leaders in their categories, and are well versed in the nuances of project management, and execution.

We Have Been Doing This For A Long Time

It's not bragging, we really have. Our experience in the marketplace is an asset to both our customers and manufacturers. Having been a part of so many projects, we know what details are important, and what is achievable. While we love to say yes, we have learned to say no, not every project is the right fit.  

We wear toques, and eat poutine, it's in our DNA...

We understand the Canadian marketplace because we are Canadian. Although we are based in Toronto, our relationships span this great Nation. While large geographically, the high-end commercial and hospitality design communities are concentrated in a few key markets. We focus on these markets, making sure we not only spend time in each one, but are also in constant communication with the key players in each of these areas. With the assortment of our companies we are able to involve ourselves in projects as they develop, ensuring we have visibility early on, and as things progress.

It Doesn’t End at the Sale 

We only work with the best. We have partnered with manufacturers that have great project management, and stand behind their commitments to their customers. Honesty, accessibility, and ease to work with are the traits that have not only made us successful, but our manufacturers as well. We understand the big picture, and will be there years after the final item is installed.